Retentional acne-prone skin: take action as soon as possible



Excess of sebum is often the first expression of acne-prone skin (the medical term is seborrhea). The skin on the face is shiny and the pores are dilated. The texture of the skin is different, and very quickly, small blackheads start to appear, which are called micro-comedones.

We distinguish between blackheads and whiteheads. Blackheads are open comedones and whiteheads are closed comedones. These spots are black because they are oxidized by the oxygen in the air, which is in direct contact with a plug of sebum and keratin colonized by a type of bacteria (primarily Propionibacterium acnes), all of which is blocking a sebaceous hair follicle (combination of a hair and a sebaceous gland).

The whitehead or closed comedone is not in contact with the air, because the opening of the hair duct is covered with the cells of the epidermis. This whitehead lifts up the skin due to the pressure of the sebum, causing a hard white blemish to appear, which is also colonized by the same bacteria.

This phase is called retentive, because the open (black) comedones and closed (white) comedones are still retained “under pressure” in the skin. The bacteria, which feed off of this sebum, will continue to develop until the skin tries to counter this attack by triggering a defense response, leading to the beginning of the inflammatory phase with the appearance of red papules and pustules.

It is therefore essential to consult a dermatologist as quickly as possible to initiate an effective treatment that will counter the inflammatory phase, which follows the retentive phase or at least reduces the extent. If this skin condition is not treated correctly, it can leave unattractive scars.



For retentional acne-prone skin, Codexial has developed a range of superficial peelings intended for dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners: Neoliss 30, Neoliss 50 and Neoliss 70, composed of unbuffered glycolic acid gels; Neoliss Neutralizing Solution, which makes it possible to neutralize the activity of the glycolic acid at the end of the application time for this procedure. Consult your doctor to have a peeling done.

For use at home, Codexial created the products Neoliss 5 Mattifying Solution, Neoliss 10 Cream, Neoliss 15 Emulsion, Neoliss 20 Gel and Neoliss 25 Lotion (each number stands for the concentration of the active substances in the composition). Neoliss micro-peeling skincare products have a kerato-regulating effect. They regulate the secretion of sebum, smooth the skin’s surface and improve its texture. They also have a redensifying effect by an increase in the synthesis of collagen.

Neoliss skincare products are particularly indicated in adults who are bothered by persistent blemishes caused by acne even though they are starting to become interested in anti-aging products. The Neoliss Global Action skincare product was specifically developed in this indication.

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